User & Society

Community Heuristics Toolkit

Community Heuristics Toolkit with exercises for platform designers overview Type: M1.2 Design Project challenge: How to make the heuristics usable for designers concept: A toolkit containing heuristics cards and exercises to be used in brainstorm-sessions and workshops. competencies: Creativity & Aesthetics, Math, Data & Computing, User & Society client: Design2Gather, Explanation Crowdsourcing is growing …

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Research Crowdsourcing & Communities

Research Crowdsourcing & Communities for crowdsourcing platforms overview Type: M1.1 Research Project         challenge: How can we improve the  design of crowdsourcing platforms. concept: Set of heuristics based on the principles of online communities to evaluate crowdsourcing platforms. competencies: Math, Data & Computing, User & Society client: Design2Gather Explanation I gathered the most relevant …

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a crowdsourcing comparing platform overview Type: M2.2 Final Master Project        challenge: Make crowdsourcing platform improve the working conditions for their workers concept: A crowdsourcing comparing platform which allows you to find the best and fair platform and thus introducing competition for these platforms. Explanation Millions of people work at home on different online platforms, …

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