web, marketing and graphic desing for clients





Designing logo’s, menu’s, posters and flyers for businesses and NGO’s.


Already when starting the bachelor, I had my own graphic and web design company. The most work within my masters was for the pastry company Smores in Meerssen. I did a complete redesign of the logo and corporate identity since the company expanded towards a lunch room. The logo had to resemble all the different products they offered. I have created my more design for this company, but these are just some of the designs I like the best. Futhermore, most designs are already included in other work, such as the design of Acamponie. Therefore I selected some designs which aren’t already included in the work in this portfolio.


Key learning points: business, graphic design, printing

I have been part of Smores since they were only 6 months in business. I could see the company grow and helped with their strategy and marketing to broaden their market. By this, I got an insight into how to make your business grow and how to be smart with investing. They are open about the problem the face which allows me to learn how I should run a company with employees. Finding the right new direction together with the client was a struggle at first, but in the end, I understood what kind of style they were looking for. I tend to work quite minimalistic and clean, whereas the new style is more hipster, authentic like with all kinds of different fonts and illustration. I had to get used to this way of designing, since I normally created clean designs. I helped me get out of my comfort zone within graphic design.