organisation, regulatinos and promotion





Improve the level of juggling among jugglers


Organising the Dutch Championships and co-creating the regualtions with pariticipants.



For over three years I have been the chairman of the Open Dutch Juggling Championships. I used my approach as a designer to co-create the regulations which are used to judge the competitors on their level of juggling. Using a Facebook group, polls and surveys I used community sourcing to combine all perspectives into what the general juggler thought was the best juggler. I posted questions in  a group of around 50 jugglers who would discuss certain rules in the regulations that I wrote. Together with international professional jugglers I judge many competitors within 7 categories. A interesting perspective to see how different these experts look at juggling. The competitions paid of and many of our participants went to improve their routines and perform at big stages.Futhermore I took care of the website and graphic design to promote our event.


Key learning points: collaboration, co-creation, Hand-over

Jugglers are pretty picky and precise people, not strange given that juggling is a matter of perfecting a skill. Therefore, creating regulations which everyone agreed with is basically impossible. Using my own strong vision and input from many different types of jugglers, I create one set of regulation which could judge all types of juggling. After 3 years, the regulations have been perfected and jugglers broadened their skills. I am now handing-over this vision to a new organization. A new juggler has volunteered to continue the new regulation that I set-up for the competition. It is the first time I could successfully hand-over a project to a different person and has full trust in that they are capable of continuing it just as good and maybe even better. Thus I see a strong relation to the Transformative Practices Innovation Design process. Especially since an Hungarian Championship has been organised based on our regulations. The cycle was made in just 3 years which is a good experience when wanting to go towards to transformative phase for other projects.