a crowdsourcing comparing platform



M2.2 Final Master Project       


Make crowdsourcing platform improve the working conditions for their workers


A crowdsourcing comparing platform which allows you to find the best and fair platform and thus introducing competition for these platforms.


Millions of people work at home on different online platforms, to develop their skills and earn some extra money. This work ranges from small tasks such as liking video, to more complex tasks such as submitting creative ideas. We call this kind of work crowdsourcing and more companies are starting to use for their businesses. There are thousands of platforms. However, some of these platforms are scams and there is no way of knowing which ones are fair. Employers decide how little they want to pay and there are almost no rights or communication methods for workers. That is why we introduce CrowdScouts! CrowdScouts, combines all these platforms to find the best and fair ones. You will fill in what task you want to do, or needs to be done and CrowdScouts searches for the best platforms. Platforms that follow our guidelines, get our seal of approval.


Key learning points: performing interviews, prototyping

Creating the platform CrowdScouts made me implement all the data and perspectives that I gathered over the past 1,5 years. Sketching out the entire platform and screen helped to create an overview and evaluating the sketch with 3 different card-sets helped to think of all kinds of ideas. I will use these card sets in the future since it literally doubled the number of ideas and made sure that I had thought of all the elements in the platform. The interview with crowdworkers helped me to complete the circle and thus adjust to their specific needs and pick out the most valuable features of the platform. Using Elementor, I had to push the use of this programm to the edge to create a clickable prototype. All the other software I explored wasn’t suitable enough for the job (Invision, Sketch, Axure).