for crowdsourcing platforms



M1.1 Research Project        


How can we improve the  design of crowdsourcing platforms.


Set of heuristics based on the principles of online communities to evaluate crowdsourcing platforms.





I gathered the most relevant design guidelines for online communities and develop heuristics specified for crowdsourcing platforms. I applied the heuristics to 11 different crowdsourcing platforms in order to understand the current design state of crowdsourcing platforms. The paper highlights examples of how crowdsourcing platforms can improve. By the collaboration with Design2Gather, these improvements have been made live on Based on the findings of the heuristics, the platforms can move more towards an online community instead of a crowd.


Key learning points: academic research, analysing

The M1.1 was a research semester were I dove into the subject of crowdsourcing. Based on my own interest I read thousands of pages about communities since I saw the overlap between the two. The first version of the heuristics and evaluation tool was created. The paper written in this semester was handed to the CSCW conference and got rejected because it wasn’t framed enough. Although I had read enough about communities, I had to read more about crowdsourcing in order to establish a link between the two fields. Many of the principles used at the time were improved and still present in the current paper. The work of this semester is the funding of my FMP project since I use the evaluation method to create a ranking of the crowdsourcing platforms.