molds and 3d Printing for a pastry chef





Design and engineer molds and sculptures for a pastry chef competing in the world championships of pastry.


Dozen of 3D prints with my 3D-printer, designing molds and the presentation table. Discovering new pastry techniques.



I have been working for a pastry/chocolate company for over 4 years. The pastry Frensch pastry chef is talented and has worked his entire life towards competing in the MOF (Meilleur Ouvriers de France). I helped him realize his ideas by designing and 3D-printing dozen of molds in which he could cut, shape and bake his pastries. An interesting collaboration since we communicate in English with a French and Dutch background. Given the limited timeframe he has to execute his creations, we thought together about optimising the process of making these pastries while maintaining the best quality outcome. I was also responsible for finding companies to realize the designs. I collaborated with over 5 different companies all with different expertizes from tube laser cutting, to metal shaping, woodworking and rubber mold making.


Key learning points: engineering, SOlidworks

Sebastien Trudelle is an interesting person. I never dare to say I am busy, given I know how much harder somebody could work. The collaboration allowed me to create many tools for him first in 3D and then find a way to make it into a physical product. We tried out different new techniques within pastry together. I traveled almost every two weeks to Maastricht to meet and discuss the designs within my M2.2. His deadline is exactly at the same day as my end presentation, which meant having to do almost half a day to an entire day a week in my M2.2 on making 3D molds. I like doing this, since it was so different from my digital FMP project and allowed me to specialize in Solidworks aswell.