using crowdsourcing for evaluations



M2.1 Preparation FMP    


Can we speed up the evaluation of crowdsourcing platforms?


Crowdsourcing the evaluations by building a social evalution tool for crowdsourcing platforms.



Crowdsourcing uses the power of the crowd to gather ideas, knowledge and work in return of a monetary reward. The future of work, will be redefined by these online working environment allowing people to work project-based from all over the world.
However the focus of these platforms seems to be on the requesters side and the rights and voice of the workers are mostly neglected. To improve the online working environment, we draw design guidelines from literature of successful online communities. Some of the success elements of these platform, cannot be measured by
tools such as Google Analytics or user surveys. Therefore we have developed a social evaluation tool that sends workers to platform with a specific expert task. They report back, if for example the diversity of the members is not right, the threshold of contributing is too high or if the platform feels like a populated space. Based on these insights, not only new design suggestions can be made, it allows the comparison of different platforms.


Key learning points: Programming

The semester has been a one where I have challenged myself to learn a new skill that was necessary for the development of my project. Although being my FMP, I am still here to learn, thus I have decided to take the time to acquire the new skills of being able to program in Python and Django. My main learning points were thus in programming by creating an ERD and flows combined with programming them. Not only the prototype but also the scraping script helped to determine the potential of the comparing platform. I used these data inputs directly in my final prototype. The work has been published as a demo paper to the ECSCW conference which I visited as student assitant. Researcher gave feedback to my demo which was luckily quite positive. One researcher noted that a platform can be seen as a building. Designing a great building alone with meeting rooms and working spaces doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a great community. The perspective allowed me to think more critically about my project. The heuristics however also involve how moderators should behave and thus goes further than the design alone.