trainings, consultation and evaluations



M2.2 Final Master Project       


Make a valuable business out of my expertise


Acamponie gives trainings, consultation and evaluations for designers of platforms.


Acamponie is set-up to support the designers of the platform by giving training, consultation and evaluations of the platforms. I created a website to promote this business and uploaded the heuristic cards and exercises to familiarize designers with my method. Currently, the cards are downloaded almost 50 times by UX designers proving the relevance. The company offer evaluations based on experts and crowdsourced evaluations in order to find the potential improvements to a platform.


Key learning points: business validation, marketing, funnels

The impact of launching Acamponie was much different than anticipated. At first, I didn’t get any download for the cards. I created a tunnel in this resulted in over 30 downloads within half a day. Therefore, I learned that getting leads takes effort and a real understanding of your target audience. Only then can you explain why it is relevant to them. The creation of the website was mostly to promote the training in the heuristics. Although I have given the training many times in a form of a 3-hour workshop, I thought it was time to step it up and create a day-long training for professionals. To test if there was demand for this, I launched the website with the goal to promote the workshop. I ran a €50 LinkedIn advertisement, but none had an effect on getting people to sign up. After talking to business experts, they told me I didn’t have enough proof of what my training will benefit in terms of money. Now I know I should invest a lot more time in for example blog posts, webinars and cases studies to show the value in numbers and prove my knowledge. The effort of launching a company was thus much higher than anticipated.