Technology and Realization of
DAE graduation project from Stefan Bukkems





Let a shape move into different forms based on the emotions of a person.


Building and calibrating a GSR sensor, letting 4 stepper motors move towards specific positions based on the input, create a real-time graph with the output.



A project by DAE-graduate Stefan Bukkems: How do you feel? An easy question, right? Not really. Especially considering that there are 12 distinct human moods. Stefan Bukkems designed ‘Senza’ as a visual aid to help decipher them. A wristband measures vital signs, including heart rate, temperature, movement and skin conductivity. This data sets Senza in motion. It changes shape depending on your emotional state. The more angular the image, the more agitated you are, while rounded forms indicate a relaxed frame of mind. It can be used in behavioural therapy sessions to provide real-time feedback on the patient’s feelings. The shape is based on the ancient Greek Pentagram, symbolising inner balance and clear thinking.


Key learning points: Arduino, using Motors

Graduating student Stefan Bukkems contacted me to help out with his project. He needed to measure human emotions and translate these emotions to different formations of a shape. My Final Bachelor Project, I already made a so called GSR sensor myself to measure someones arousal level. Therefore, his project could directly use this knowledge to make a working prototype. Using Processing and Arduino I made 4 stepper motors react on different calibrated values of the sensor. The project was one of the few project at the DAE which was interactive because of the technology I build for this project. At that time, it was the most complex Arduino project I made, since it used and Arduino Mega, Processing and stepper motors which I never used before.